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Different Kinds of National Issues in Education

Posted by on Feb 6, 2016

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Most people today are doing their best just to finish the education degree they want to have. Some people are working so hard in order to suffice their needs most especially when it comes to education. Finishing a degree will open more opportunities to people starting from having stable and high paying jobs and up to personal satisfaction of graduating a certain degree.

More often than not, people who have graduated from universities and colleges are often given bigger employment opportunities than those people who did not finish any degree. As the demand for higher education is increasing, pitfalls and different types of issues are also increasing.

These concerns must be addressed by the national government and local state in order to provide all people equal opportunity in having high quality education in the future. These critical issues become the barriers of achieving high quality education which really need more attention from government officials and education department in order to forward and become more successful.

347859-education-rna-cropThere are more or less 46 states that have adopted Common Core Standards and most of the states are not using the same system. Common Core Standards have gained so many arguments which become very popular recently.

It gives more emphasizes in developing the problem solving, critical thinking, analytical skills of students in believing that these factors are very essentials skills in order to be successful.

These new standards allow teachers and educators to have another way of measuring the students’ learning curve all throughout the school year for them to make sure that students are going into the right path to success.

In order to meet the requirements of the Common Core Standards, private schools, community schools, vocational schools and home schools without established credit are turning to credit cards from a reputable high risk merchant to pay for the needed educational materials until grants and funds from student fees are made available.

Moreover, learning can be in different ways and different pace. That is why students need to extend their voices in addressing their educational needs most especially during lectures and discussions. This will help students to become more participative and cooperative in all kinds of activities.

Schools should let the students learn from their experiences so that they will value it more than letting teachers spoon feed all the necessary materials they should learn. Learning should come from students at least 70 percent and the remaining 30 will come from the guidance of their teachers. Aside from that, schools must learn how to incorporate the use of technology and internet in leveraging the learning of their students.


Since technology and the internet are very common for most students, schools must make of these innovations such as introducing downloadable references and textbooks as a replacement for those very expensive materials. In addition, social media has become very popular along with the internet, so schools must learn to extend their means of sharing files and other important announcements through social media.

Since most students have social media accounts, it will become easier to have online classroom where all school related posts are shared and downloaded. Furthermore, some community schools are using old materials that are scraps of wealthy schools. Both national and local government should provide bigger funds for public schools in order to have quality education for unfortunate citizens.

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Community Schools’ Curriculum

Posted by on Feb 5, 2016


Education has been the topic of so many debates and received a lot of promises from politicians for them to successfully and fully address the needs of people in terms of education for community schools. Schools have been increasing their tuition fees more often and some become more demanding on their qualifications for accepting students.

Because of these increasing issues, more and more people are trying to find better options for acquiring higher education degree in an affordable way. In order to help educate people, both national and local governments have introduced community schools where everybody can have equal opportunities in education. Community schools are mostly funded by the both private and public sectors and companies.

Type of school help bring educators students, families and community partners to work together in order to have different learning activities that are tailored to the specific demands and needs of students. Also, community schools offer fund and encouraging educational systems where students will surely enjoy.

They offer different time slots such as during and after school hours, holidays, weekends and different vacations like spring and winter breaks. Moreover, community schools have different curriculum than traditional schools because they specifically cater to four essential learning factors.

These areas are health and social supports, extended opportunities for learning, early child development and community and family engagements. All the activities and services in community schools vary from different schools because they usually pay more attention to relevant and timely issues within their communities only.

Group of teenagers sitting in classroom with raised hands.Health and social supports in community schools are allowing both students and their families to participate in community based services such as feeding programs, medical and dental missions, drug and other form of addiction prevention, guidance and counseling and a lot of related services whether health, moral or psychological supports.

These kinds of services are very helpful in the development of children since most young people are experiencing different kinds of dilemma during their development stages. Community schools also offer different extended opportunities in learning.

These schools allow their students to learn in different ways whether they learn inside the classroom or outside during their services and community based activities. They offer learning during school days that focused in achieving their career goals in life.

They usually tap institutions and businesses to help their students to acquire professional training and knowledge which can be very helpful in the future.

c9eac235a97a2ed69d4c67cc2c897d5bCommunity schools also provide community and family activities where they will never stop learning. Stakeholders and business owners help students learn skills like training classes, clothing and pastries classes, cultural and sports related activities where most people are gathered to help address the issues of the community.

In terms of improving family engagements, community schools create activities where families and students can participate such as team buildings where decisions making skills, listening and cooperation are strengthen.

Furthermore, early child education is also given more attention in order to help link the gap between childhood education and the importance of community based activities. This is very crucial since they build their students interests in serving and participating to the community at the very early age.


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Learning more about Community Schools

Posted by on Feb 5, 2016


The demands for learning about community schools and education are increasing in almost all countries. This is because education is the key to get stable and high paying jobs and most especially people can be more trainable if they have finished studying. Most companies are looking for specific degrees that people have complied for them to accept their applications.

As a result, people are finding better and effective ways in addressing their educational needs that they can afford and are more accessible and comfortable. Good thing is that most developed countries have created community schools for everyone. Community schools are founded by the national and local government of each country or state which serves as both a hub for developing community living as well as an educational establishment.

oxford_photo_3Community schools bring families, educators and other community partners in one institution for them to work together to provide a wide variety of educational and community supports, opportunities and different services related to education and community that both families and the community will benefit.

These types of schools offer huge learning opportunities that students will enjoy during school days, after school hours, during the weekends, holidays and of course in summer and winter breaks.

This is very useful for children and young adults for them to make use of their vacations wisely. It is very important that students will not stop learning during their vacations for them to acquire more skills and knowledge on how to improve their way of lives.

Above all, it is important to educate children that education should be their priority even during their breaks.

5-effective-ways-to-educate-your-sales-prospectMoreover, community schools put forward the importance of healthy lifestyle and offer different kinds of social support programs. Having healthy lifestyles for growing people is very important because this will keep from different kinds of health conditions that can hinder in achieving their goals in the future.

Also, healthy living helps students have an appropriate body figure that are suitable for their age for them to avoid bullying and other forms of negative perceptions. These negative perceptions are very rampant in all societies.

They are also inevitable because people are natural commentators. As a result, community schools offer different kinds of social support programs for people for them not to feel aloof.

The sense of belongingness and acceptance are core factors in the development of certain psychological conditions such as depressions, low self-esteem and bullying. Most studies show that children and young adults who are experiencing certain problems in their families and society will most likely to engage in dangerous acts like taking drugs. So, social support programs are very important for all people in order to alleviate people’s conditions.


Moreover, all community schools take action in all forms of local issues where students, residents and families are encouraged to participate. It is very essential to let the voices of ordinary people be heard most especially if they support local problems. This will allow the society to be more interactive in welcoming the different demands, concerns and suggestions of all the people living there.

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